We are offering 50% OFF digitizing services for all new jobs during the month of June. What is digitizing services you ask? Well here is a in depth explanation.....


Embroidery digitizing is the process of taking your artwork and converting it into an embroidery stitch file. The fee for this process depends on the quality of the graphic that you are submitting as well as the detail and size it is being created. The process of converting art work for embroidery starts out at $29 and goes up depending ultimately on the number of stitches that are in the finished design. Generally speaking most small basic designs being converted for embroidery will fall in the $29 range. Whereas most left chest (company logo) type of designs will be in the $59 range and large full front or jacket back designs will be in the $89-$129 range. We always do our best to create your logo with the highest definition possible by using only high end commercial software and professional techniques to keep the final stitch count as low as possible without losing any integrity of the design.  Digitizing for embroidery is a one time fee per logo per size. We will keep your embroidery files in our database, so whenever you are ready to order more embroidered items with that logo we are ready to go and you will not have to pay another digitizing set up fee to print more of your logo.


Artwork digitizing is the process of taking your art work from a hand drawing, picture of something that was previously printed, or some other source that you got the artwork form and creating a camera ready vector file from that. Camera ready vector art is necessary to do any sort of high quality printing. In our case we can use the vector art that we have created for you to print your image on the items are ordering from us. Once we have produced camera ready artwork for your job it can be scaled and adjusted to be used for printing on just about anything! Some items we offer are t-shirts, socks, and decals for your car just to name a few! The fee for art work vectorization will depend on the complexity of the art. Fees start at $29 for basic one color logos. Our typical logo set up for t-shirt printing is $39-$59. Of course if you are providing your own high resolution print quality art we do not charge an artwork digitizing fee. On the other side of that coin if you have nothing to start from and would like us to help you create your design from scratch we are glad to help with that too :) And just like embroidery files we will keep your camera ready artwork on file for when you are ready to get additional items made with that logo.

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