5 Creative Ideas for Advertising Your Local Business in St. Charles Missouri

5 Creative Ideas for Advertising Your Local Business in St. Charles Missouri

Getting your St. Charles business the attention it deserves does not have to cost you and outrageous amount of money. From personalized screen printed and emboridered merchandise to fleets of custom designed vehicles, you will find that by enlisting the help of a reputable emboirdery and screen printing company your business small or large will be well on its way to success. Here are some creative examples of what magic that combining creative ideas with screen printing services can help you to create.

1. Customers like seeing a company have their own product lines when purchasing items. This is the reason that so many large food store chains purchase bulk items from major brand name manufacturers and have their own logo printed on the packaging. Embroidery and Screen printing companies can help you do the same thing with customized appreal, hats, as well as the other things you would want brnaded like shopping bags, glasses and more. You can purchase bulk lots of merchandise from have it customized with your companies branding, saving you a great deal of money while giving you the potential of making a great impression buildoing bradn recogniation as well on profits.

2. Companies spend a lot of money having customized painting jobs done  noth in reatils lofations as well as on their fleets of company vehicles. Many people do not know that a screen printing shops that offer digital and subliations printed products can provide you with the same results at a fraction of the costs. By creating car graphics, vehicle wraps, fleet wraps, car door magntets, custom wall prints, window decrations and other car decals you can use your company vehicles as moving advertising billboards to promote your company’s products and services. Branding vehicles with your graphic decals is simple and convenient to complete without the need of hiring specialists who can charge large fees for these types of services. Some screen printing services can go as far as to create customized wrapped for boats, airplanes and motorcycles if needed.

3. If you are in an industry that can benefit from trade shows you can have display booths and exhibit booth signage created inexpensively for your use. Pop up trade show displays can be created in colorful, bold and bright designs that promote your company products. These display booths are constructed in a manner in which they are easy to set up, take down and convenient enough to fit in a personal automobile to be moved. The most curent and popular trends in these types of trade show displays are commonly made with sublimation printed fabics

4. Embroidery and Screen printing companies can brand t-shirt and hats for your employees and cutosmers to wear to promote your company. Unlike big box companies that deal in employee uniforms, a customized screen printed or emboridered shirt will save you a lot of money in this area. Again this is another great product that with a little creativity and a screen printing company that uses top quality products, you will find a winning advertising tool for your business.

5. If you operate a retail location, you know that one of the biggest crazes right now is the screen-printed shopping bags and large format printed wall and window grapchis. May places now offer the eco freindly reusable frbic bags that customers opt to purchase instead of using the single use plastic and paper bags available through. This is due to the desire of creating a more eco-friendly environment. You can bring your company up-to-date and join in on this craze by having screen printing companies create these shopping bag designs for you. For only pennies these companies can help you turn a large profit while showing your customers that you care about the environment as well. This option alone is two creative promotional tools wrapped up in one.

Finding the Right Swag for You

Our best gauge of what our new customers will like is seeing what customers come back and buy again year after year. Additionally, our website monitoring system allows us to see product searches and what swag items are getting the most attention. With the 1,000’s and 1,000’s of custom printed top-selling promo items that we offer businesses in St. Charles Missouri and beyond we have been able to collect a lot of great data. And we love when a customer comes back and tell us how much they love certain custom printed shirts, pens, drinkware, tote bags and more! So if you want tried-and-true items that have proven themselves for the long haul, ask us about our top sellling items. Order with confidence and let us help you every step of the way, we are always here to help!

Baseball Hats 3-D Puff Embroidery

With baseball season on us let’s talk about one of the latest trends in baseball cap embroidery, 3-D puff Embroidery. This style of embroidery is where the design (or portions of the design) is raised up off the surface of the garment. Typically, this specialized embroidery decoration is process reserved for hats. 3-D puff embroidery is a process that requires a high level of expertise both in the embroidery design digitizing set up process as well as during the machine embroidery process. We at American Stitched Embroidery and Screen Printing have the intimate understanding and expertise level needed to understand the marriage between excellent digitizing and superior embroidery technique.  No place does our embrodiery skills become more evident than with 3-D Puff embroidery. First off, for the most part 3-D is almost always done on 6 panel hats which are tricky enough to embroider without complicating the issue. Throw in 3-D embroidery design and the complexity factor is significantly increased. Furthermore, people are often teased by very fancy designs found in the retail marketplace for major league sport teams, etc.  What those consumers do not realize is many of those hats are embroidered overseas on flat hat material panels and then cut and sewn into hats.  While this does not necessarily make it easier the decorator can certainly get away with more especially regarding size of the design on a hat panel. Rest assure that we at American Stitched Embroidery and Screen Printing both understand the process as well as the limitations. So, if you are interested in learning more about the process or are in the market for some new hat please feel free to reach out and one of us would be glad to help.

Reinventing Traditional Embroidery Techniques

Recently American Stitched came up with a way to “reinvent” a traditional embroidery technique and had to share with our customers! A longtime customer of ours, who likes to have gifts personalized with embroidery and monograms for friends and family, came to us wanting to have a blanket monogramed for his blind mother in law, who recently lost her husband of many years. While traditional embroidery is slightly raised on completely flat solid fabric, the blanket he brought us was soft. From experience we knew that embroidering on soft fabric like the blanket that her initials would blend in with the surrounding fluffy fabric, and we wanted to make sure his gift was perfect.